Frequently Asked Questions :

What is our Green movement?

To most people, Green means it doesn’t make sense to pollute the air or contaminate food and water with harmful chemicals. Organic foods, for example, have natural flavor and performance without using harmful insecticides and fertilizers. Water has a natural cleaning ability. We use water to take a shower, wash clothes and cook our foods. GFCS unique cleaning formula’s increases the activity and efficiency of water’s natural phenomenon.

What does MSDS mean?

It is a Material Safety Data Sheet listing ingredient information, testing procedures, physical properties, hazardous data, health & environmental data and personal protection. OSHA mandates that industrial facilities have product MSDS. Ironically, the agency does not regulate household products. However, we publish product MSDS.

What is in these products?

More importantly, it is what is NOT in our products. We do not use bleach, ammonia, citric or acetic acids, butyl solvents, isopropyl or synthetic fragrances or dyes. We do use purified organic and natural ingredients.

Are they considered safe?

A product can only be considered safe when it does not present an unreasonable risk of harm to humans, domestic animals or the environment as long as it is used accordingly to the instructions. An independent Product Safety testing lab completed all reports, including biodegradability, skin irritation, eye irritation and aquatic and oral toxicity, using EPA testing protocol, which are the most difficult guidelines. The test results were found not to adversely affect human health or the environment.

What does Biodegradable mean?

Biodegrading is the breakdown of materials by bacteria. A solvent like motor oil takes years to dissolve. GFCS were tested as being as safe for the eco-system as watering your lawn.