“I just wanted to say kudos to everyone at www.keepitgreenandclean.com! Just before Christmas I discovered George Foreman's cleaning products at my local Family Dollar! I was thrilled! I am very green, an animal rights activist, and also my family ( especially my Dad) is a George Foreman fan so everything about the product was right up my alley! The price and effectiveness of the product were great as well. I have used them regularly and have been very pleased. Just wanted to let you know. Kudos to you for all you do! We need products out there like this -- and an endorsement by someone as great as George Foreman makes you want to buy it all the more! Keep up the great work! And thanks for sparing the little animals!! God bless all of you! ”
Rockport, MA

“Two days ago I purchased 'Keep it Green and Clean' Glass & More and I am truly impressed. I work with stained glass and this product cleans glass so effectively that I will definitely ditch the Windex for 'Glass & More', and it sure does a great job on 'More'! Another feature of this product I like is that it has little to no odor. I have always loved my George Foreman grill but now I love his cleaning products as well. The next time I am asked who I admire most my answer will be George Foreman!”
National Park, NJ

“I received your Grills & More cleaner yesterday and just love it. Works great with no chemical smell. I started cleaning my kitchen and can’t stop. Just great – will buy your product all the time.”
Thank you,
Cumberland, MD

“I had someone tell me about Keep it Green and Clean products, so I went out and bought the
Multi-surface & More
and the Kitchens & More. I own a home daycare and I wanted products that would be safe around the kids. I absolutely love it and use it for everything. I finally found something that works well and that is safe.”

Thank you,
Charlotte, NC

“Hi, This is the first time that I am witting about a product. My grandson leaves the most horrible ring around the bathtub. I normally have to use almost a whole can or bottle of cleaner on it. I was about to leave the store, when I remembered that I needed more bathroom cleaner for the tub. I saw the "Bathrooms & More" spray cleaner. I had never heard or seen it before, so I brought one and decided to get the "Kitchen and More" also. The next day I spayed the cleaner on the tub, I was amazed at how that product was working. I said,"WOW, this is good!" I looked at the bottle and saw that I was using the "Kitchen & More" spray on the bathtub. Then I though that if the kitchen cleaner worked that well on the tub, the bathroom cleaner would be excellent. This is true, I then picked up the bathroom cleaner and cleaned the shower, sink and the toilet. I must say that I was very surprised to find a product that worked so well without a whole lot of hard manual labor. Then I remembered that the store only had a few left on the shelf. I quickly went back to the store to buy more. When I got to the store, the salesman would not let me in! They were closing! I said, "it's not eight o'clock", he stated that they were closing fifteen minutes early just for today. I told him that I knew exactly what I wanted and where it was. He told me that I had two seconds, So I ran in and picked up the last seven bottles that was on the shelf. While waiting to pay for the items I read the labels, again I was surprised to learned that these were natural cleaners. (no wonder they had a pleasant smell) I told the cashier that these were good products. I am really satisfied with these products, I will be a repeat customer, and I will tell my family and friends about them.”
Thank you, God Bless.
G. D. D.
Queens, NY

“Hi! I found George Foreman Bathroom Cleaner, Multi-Surface Cleaner, and Kitchens & More Cleaner at my local store. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they actually work extremely well!!! The bathroom cleaner is especially effective, tackling the shower door with barely any effort on my part! Thanks for producing such great cleaners!”
North Augusta, SC

“Just writing to say “thanks!” for your great product, the Multi Surface & More All Natural Cleaner with Lemon Essential Oil. I recently purchased a bottle and am really impressed, not only with the great (and versatile) cleaning power and wonderful lemon (real lemon!) scent, but the fact that it is all natural, non toxic and biodegradable! (Thanks for caring!)”
Crewe, VA

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